Why Ashleigh?

Ashleigh Early has built her career on the idea that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. As a result, she’s built a reputation for building sales teams with cultures designed to allow everyone to thrive while over attaining all goals. From creative hiring processes to solicit the most diverse and talented applicant pool, to her intense focus on onboarding and training, Ashleigh went above and beyond to ensure everyone thrives and companies are represented with integrity and discipline.


Through leadership roles at companies like Okta, FireEye, Mattermark and others, Ashleigh honed her technical, system and tool proficiency as well as hands-on experience with the struggles of modern sales and sales leadership. Where others struggled getting teams to stick systems and playbooks, Ashleigh tailors solutions and implementations to the product, persona and people of each company. Where others struggle to get reliable, repeatable results, Ashleigh’s ruthless prioritization and flawless execution takes top performing teams to best-in-class organizations.


Never one to lead from the rear Ashleigh strives to practice what she preaches and is constantly honing her craft and seeking out opportunities to grow and challenge herself. To that end in 2019 Ashleigh and Kasey Jones launched The Other Side of Sales podcast to highlight amazing sales professionals not traditionally lauded in social media and promote honest discussions on how to thrive in sales. New episodes every Sunday and more initiatives like the first diversity and inclusion focused job board and the 2020 Sales Census coming soon!


When not focused on helping others thrive in their sales career Ashleigh can be found knitting, reading science fiction, or planning her next European vacation (typically with a gin cocktail in hand) alongside her husband and the world’s best “sales dog” Henry.