Job Seekers

Finding your first, or a new, sales position is difficult. Coaching calls for job seekers can help identify not only what role and company you’re best suited for but craft your resume, role-play interviews and ensure you’re ready and confident to sell yourself as well as you’ll sell a product.

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Individual Contributors

Coaching calls for individual contributors is a personalized mix of sales skills, performance mindset and self-awareness. Growth is often uncomfortable and there are only so many things that can be comfortably admitted to the person who signs your check at the end of the day.

By leveraging a trusted third party, skills can be developed in a safe environment and creative thinking can flourish with a safe space. Coaching holds you accountable to your own potential in addition to your quota.

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Inside Sales and sales development representative (SDR) managers are responsible for the largest portion of pipeline other than the VP of Sales or a Head of Marketing. Yet they are the earliest in their careers, have the least amount of experience and minimal training on how to be a manager or coach.

Training and coaching for managers is tailored to each individual’s need. Topics may include hiring, operations, managing up, training, onboarding, profit and loss calculation, inter-company politics, tools, personality-based coaching, incentive theory, commission plan design, go-to-market planning, funnel metric design and…well anything else that can, and will, come up.

Manager Onboarding Program – This proprietary 12 unit program is a combination of 1-hr training sessions delivered virtually (in-person over 3 days upon request and for a fee) with over 45 hours of exercises, 1:1 coaching and reading designed to take anyone new to Inside Sales and SDR Management from novice to true leadership over the course of 3-6 months. Contact for pricing.

Manager Mentorship – Designed for managers with experience but who want to increase their depth of knowledge and improve overall skills. This program starts with a skills assessment and analysis, which results in a custom training program to be delivered over a 3 month period through remote video sessions with exercises to be completed in-between and unlimited access to “mini sessions” whenever needed. Contact for pricing.

Individual Consulting – Looking for a quick tune-up? Sanity check? Help with launching a new initiative or re-designing your program? Book a session anytime and I’ll help however I can!