Playbook Design and Implementation

With a decade of curriculum design and training experience, Ashleigh takes pride in building playbooks designed to be used and require little maintenance due to their use. Rather than using pre-built templates Ashleigh designs each playbook to suit the unique needs of your team, product and prospects. She involves the team in playbook creation so it becomes a living document the team is not only bought into but excited to stick to.


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Ever tried to teach a group of preschoolers music? What about some high-schoolers grammar? This is where Ashleigh honed her skills. Her trainings are designed to engage multiple learning processes at once to maximize retention and delivered with her signature sarcastic, self-deprecating humor. Topics and length are catered to the situation and can range from full-day messaging reboots to time block management seminars to call and discovery or phone skill workshops.


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After working with over 100 technology companies in various capacities there are very few practical or theoretical challenges Ashleigh hasn’t encountered. She is available for a limited number of advisory projects or other more long-term strategic engagements focused on building an inclusive culture, growth-proofing processes or ensuring product-market fit for sales-focused products.


Advisory programs are a minimum 6-month commitment and subject to availability.


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Inside Sales Management

Given Ashleigh’s years of experience managing inside sales, there are few situations Ashleigh hasn’t encountered